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The mission is to provide experienced divers worldwide with an informative and consumer focused source for premium quality scuba diving equipment with favorable prices and rapid shipping.

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You can easily Contact Us for answers to your questions about our products. Your e-mail and telephone inquiries will handled by experienced divers and diving instructors. Then place your order on our secure website with confidence that we will do our best to meet your expectations no matter where you live.

Brief History of Dive Gear Express

Early in the new millennium a south Florida local dive shop located in a retail strip mall, built a website that featured Dive Rite brand products exclusively. The website accepted it's first online order (with free shipping) on the morning of March 1st, 2003, released on the same day, and delivered the next day. Through it's ethical online sales practices with customer service that focused on the consumer, ultimately the business became one of Dive Rite's largest dealers.

Over time, the original website began expanding and selling other products such as tanks, and eventually other competing brands. In 2009, the website changed it's name to in order to reflect the changes in product selection. In the fall of 2010, the business moved to it's current location in Powerline Business Park and officially became Dive Gear Express LLC.

Today, the company maintains a focus on the needs of the experienced sport and technical scuba diver. Dive Gear Express has ten full-time team members in a {6,900 ft2 | 640 m2} facility and is a locally-owned small business with a global customer base. Yet, who we are as an internet retailer is still strongly influenced by the unique nature of our local Southeast Florida dive shop.

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